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Marek Jirsák



Máchovo Lake

Máchovo Lake is the largest water area in Northern Bohemia.

Máchovo Lake is called a lake but - in fact - it is a pond. It is the largest pond in Bohemia. The pond was founded in 1366 by King Charles IV. There are two little islands in the lake - called Myší and the Kachní - that are connected with several local legends. The little islands are valuable bird localities and access is not permitted.

The water area of Máchovo Lake is surrounded by 4 large sand beaches. It is one of the most popular recreational resorts and a water sports centre. People are usually interested in boat trips, a big toboggan, beach volleyball and bungee jumping from 50 metres.

Near Máchovo Lake, there are two well-known recreational resorts called Doksy and Staré Splavy.

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