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Aleš Zemek


The generously conceived loggia is connected to the Libosad Park.

The Wallenstein`s loggia is one of the most significant objects of cultural and architectonic heritage in the Jičín region. It forms a part of a landscaping composition whose conception originated in the era of Albrecht von Wallenstein, who strove to turn Jičín into the capital of his vast dominions. The loggia was built according to a design by Italian architect N. Sebregondi in 1630 - 1634. It received a minor adjustment in 1813. The loggia features an extensive game preserve and park called Libosad.

Nowadays, a part of the building is open to the public and so is the garden through which a nature trail passes. It also houses occasional events and workshops targeted at families with children.

Valdštejn loggia

Guided tours available (guided by “castellan”)


Sedličky, Jičín, 506 01

GSM:+420 608 269 296
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